Perfect Storm Idaho

Perfect Storm: ADHD Workshop for Teachers

Purpose Driven Chiropractic has a special presentation just for teachers! We combine snacks & facts to bring education awareness to teachers seeking CEU Credits and a more peaceful classroom.

Children are being diagnosed by the thousands on a daily basis with ADHD, given medication and sent on their way. A lifetime of mind-altering medication will only suppress symptoms – not heal the underlying causes! Our Perfect Storm: ADHD Workshop dives into behavior that children with ADHD typically exhibit and how this behavior is NOT normal! Our bodies are designed to heal naturally and children diagnosed with ADHD have a a true chance to heal naturally WITHOUT medication! Our Workshop is the perfect way to gain CEU Credits and gain knowledge that may just help save a child’s life.

If you're interested in hosting an ADHD Teacher Workshop, fill out this form and our team will reach out with more details!

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